The Lean Sensei Assurance

Lean implementation is not always successful. Lean Sensei International offers industry-recognized, experience-backed assurance to our clients.  This assurance is based on our unique approach which is built on the pillars of sustainability and employee empowerment.

Whether it’s through our public training programs or in-house projects, almost all of our implementation work is conducted by clients’ own organizational teams, to ensure that accountability, ownership and knowledge stay within organizations long after the projects have been completed. No changes are forced onto the shop floor or office environment without getting buy-in from the key people.  Our belief is that improvement and transformation can only be successful when combined with a belief in people, possibilities and solutions that actually make a difference.


Lean Sensei Staff
1. A holistic approach and philosophy of sustainability

Unlike some traditional consultant approaches, we focus on a  “train-the-trainer” approach that ensures long-term business sustainability by minimizing reliance on long-term external support.

2. Experienced staff who know that Lean culture is just as important as Lean skills

We place as much emphasis on creating a Lean culture as we do on traditional tools. Students learn about traditional Lean philosophy and skills in order to create and establish a culture of employee engagement that increases morale throughout their organization.

3. A training approach that ensures Lean is the foundation of ALL business activities

Effective implementation of Lean dictates involvement from ALL levels of the organization – from the CEO to the most junior employee.  Our approach ensures Lean thinking is embedded throughout the organization. In this way, Lean initiatives and projects are not seen as just a project, fad, or isolated continuous improvement plan running in parallel to other business initiatives.  Rather these projects are the foundation to each and every business activity.

4. Immediate Return on Investment to free resources, fuel investment for growth

Training programs generate instant payback.  Hands-on experience and projects enable participants to implement their Lean knowledge and skills immediately, resulting in immediate, measurable and value-added improvements to the organization.  Employees at all levels learn how to improve their systems and processes to better manage forecasts, inventory, production and waste.

Interested? Intrigued? Where might a culture of continuous improvement and a dedicated focus on business excellence take your organization?

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