Jeff Adams:

At Canadian Pacific, our association with LSI over the past several years has helped us create a high-quality internal Lean expertise as well as an extensive network with other organizations.


Jeff Adams

VP Continuous Improvement | Calgary, AB

Ron Koslowsky:

We have used Lean Sensei to effectively develop key Lean leaders in our organization. David Chao’s ability to develop strategic Lean plans using his global Lean experience and dynamic presentations has assisted many manufacturers in Manitoba.


Ron Koslowsky

Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters | Winnipeg, MB

Mike Hoseus:

I’m excited about our collaboration with LSI, working with the best in the world, to provide a holistic approach and support in your Lean transformation


Mike Hoseus

Author, Toyota Culture | Kentucky

Linda Bryant:

We compared LSI’s experience and knowledge to some of the largest consulting companies in the world, but no one comes close to LSI’s depth of knowledge or level of Lean experience


Linda Bryant

VP, Global Operations Excellence, Johnson & Johnson | New York

Dr. Jeffrey Liker:

I am very excited to work with LSI… I am impressed with their dedication to quality and teaching the true Toyota Way


Dr. Jeffrey Liker

Author, Toyota Way | Michigan

John Rose:

The start of Nuheat’s Lean journey 4 years ago made sense as it fit the fast paced and deeply caring culture of Nuheat’s employees. Fast growth and fast change made it necessary for Nuheat to adopt a framework of continuous improvement. Lean was the framework that allowed us to drive waste out of the organization and grow to be a more productive and proactive company.


John Rose

President, Nuheat Industries Limited | Vancouver, BC

Paul Paris:

The eminently qualified David and his LSI team’s “Coach not Consult” philosophy is not only powerfully effective, but transformational.


Paul Paris

President, Paris Orthotics | Vancouver, BC