Lean Circle

Lean Circle is a monthly networking group series focusing on a new topic each meeting.

Converge with like minded Lean practitioners in a comfortable and casual setting. The maximum number of attendees is limited to 12, ensuring an intimate setting for two small discussion groups. Share, support, collaborate and learn from each other’s Lean challenges.



Contact our office, via email or phone for the latest information on dates. 


There is no cost to attend.


This networking group is only open to Lean Sensei clients due to the confidential nature of topics discussed. However, Lean Sensei clients who would like to invite friends or colleagues can call our office (+1 (604) 264-1000) to discuss.

The participant list will not be available prior to meetings, but you may call our office to inquire which industries are expected to be represented at each meeting.


There will be minimal facilitation to allow conversation to flow naturally to your most pressing issues. Between meetings, members are expected to participate in ongoing discussion and support via the LinkedIn group. These meetings do not apply to Lean Sensei executive credits but the takeaways you will gain are priceless.


290-1385 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
*Currently, the Lean Circle meetings are hosted in Lean Sensei’s office in Vancouver. If you would like to see a Lean Sensei networking event where you are located, let us know: info@leansensei.com

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