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Date(s) - Tuesday, Oct 15th, 2019 - Friday, Oct 18th, 2019
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Workshop Details

Japan Tour Overview

Japan is a country like no other in the world.  It built its economic power through manufacturing over the past several decades, earning a reputation around the world as the “Lean specialist.”  Even though many Lean best practices can be found throughout North America, the truly “serious” Lean practitioners still find that Japan is the only place that can showcase Lean implementation in its purest form.  This is partly because Lean can be seen in everyday life in Japan, not just in production or engineering.  People who travel to Japan are fascinated by the fact that even restaurants and gas stations utilize Lean in creative ways surprise North Americans. It’s difficult to truly appreciate Lean until you have seen and experienced Japan hands-on.

Tour Features & Highlights

The program is intentionally designed to provide both educational and cultural exposure to Japan through various plant tours and historical sites. Tours are arranged with such big hitters as Toyota and its suppliers, but also with smaller players that can showcase different levels of Lean implementation.

During the 5-day tour, Japan Lean Tour participants visit some of the best companies in the world including:

  • Toyota Factory
  • Toyota Pavilion
  • Toyota Museum
  • Toyota Supplier Denso
  • Nissan Factory
  • Food company (various)
  • Distribution company (various)

Participants will also be introduced to Japanese culture and have the opportunity to do some sightseeing.


Tour Details



Your tour hosts David Chao and Jake Cameron  are both bi-lingual,  fluent in both English and Japanese. They will provide translating services to ensure that the nuances of Lean are not lost in translation and also provide cultural and lean insights throughout the trip.


5 days

For further information, including dates and availability, please contact us directly.

Tour Costs

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Tour costs may vary based on numerous factors. Pricing includes all meals, domestic transportation & miscellaneous expenses. Airfares and accommodation is not included and is organized individually.