Gemba Tours – Lean Benchmarking  Tours

There is no better way to understand the power of Lean than to see it in action, and Lean Sensei coaches regularly take clients on organized Lean Benchmarking Tours both locally and abroad.  These benchmarking tours are arranged for those who wish to update and benchmark their knowledge of specific subject areas in Lean.

Each tour examines companies that have been publicly recognized as successful implementers of Lean.  Tour participants will see first-hand how Lean philosophies and tools are applied.  In addition these tours provide networking opportunities with Lean practitioners outside of your own organization.

Our benchmarking tours include our flagship, Japan Tour, where we visit carefully selected organizations, such as Toyota.  Participants can expect to see demonstrated best practices and these serve as powerful motivators in the area of Lean.  The Japan Tour is included in our Blackbelt program.