Europe Lean Benchmarking Tour Overview

The Europe Lean Tour provides a unique opportunity for a select number of participants to experience, first-hand,  manufacturing excellence, across Europe.  This tour offers five intensive days of learning in Germany and Italy.  Participants will see practical examples of world-class operations with the very latest in global trends and thinking.

The program is designed to provide insight and understanding of how world-class lean systems are applied in different European markets.  Participants will be able to implement some of these solutions within their own companies.  Visiting benchmark companies other than Japanese ones, provides key insights into how Western companies have successfully adopted Lean thinking practices. More than just a visit to some of the best European automakers, Lean Sensei’s Europe Lean tour gives a deeper level of appreciation into how Lean techniques can be applied in low volume,  customized manufacturing environments.

Tour Features & Highlights

During the 4-day tour, Europe Lean Tour participants visit some of the best companies in the world including:

  • Porsche Museum and Porsche Factory Tour, Stuttgart
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart
  • BMW Museum and BMW Factory Tour, Munich
  • Lamborghini Museum and Lamborghini Factory Tour, Italy
  • Ducati Factory and museum Italy
  • Optional city tour Florence, Italy

With Porsche consistently rated amongst the highest for quality by JD Power and Consumer reports, you will be able to see how Porsche has successfully applied Toyota Way Principles and Lean thinking to produce their world-class products. The manufacturer museums will provide details on important historical milestones in the automotive industry, and encourage participants to think outside the box while focusing on innovation.

Tour Details




4 days

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Tour Costs.

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Tour costs include all meals, domestic transportation, and accommodation. Airfare is not included and is organized individually.