Extreme Problem Solving

Lean Business Practices (LBP) is a “Supercharged” problem solving methodology. Utilizing Lean Sensei’s proprietary TRANSFORM methodology, participants learn the tools and techniques to navigate the organization through the Lean journey.

Structured around the Lean Excellence (LE) model, the Executive Extreme Problem Solving program covers Lean Strategy, Excellence in Product, Process, People and Customer as well as suppliers and external partners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles and how to apply the 4 components of Lean Excellence, and how it fits within the strategic framework
  • Learn how to apply Lean Product Excellence – Conceptualization, development, and creation of products or services that delight or satisfy customers while providing maximum value
  • Learn how to apply Lean Process Excellence – Process streams that flow within and outside organizations that deliver direct value to customers with minimal waste
  • Learn how Lean People Excellence works – Hiring, training, development, and sustaining of people that supports and encourages empowerment, inspiration, growth, learning, and can-do attitude
  • Learn Customer Excellence – Customer-driven, customer-centric environment that breeds customer excitement, loyalty, and a positive relationship.