Lean Finance

Can finance and accounting further support your journey to become a truly Lean organization?

Finance and accounting are topics that do not often come up when companies talk about their Lean journey – but this is sometimes one of the biggest reasons why company fail to deploy an effective Lean system that embodies the correct behavior and the right kind of thinking.

For many organizations, traditional finance practices may promote conflicting behaviors that may stall or slow down the progress of Lean due to a lack of alignment between Lean thinking and traditional accounting methods. This is particularly true in organizations that practice traditional budgeting. To become a Lean enterprise you must move beyond budgeting and begin to incorporate Lean-aligned methodology.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to the accounting, control, and measurements required to support a Lean enterprise. Companies making the Lean transition soon find that traditional, time-honored accounting and measurement systems may not be conducive to Lean thinking. During this workshop we will demonstrate the methods of Lean Accounting that can be readily introduced to create a truly Lean management environment. Workshop participants will learn specific ways to introduce Lean Accounting into their own companies.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how Lean thinking benefits finance and accounting teams
  • Understand the impact on the wider business
  • Understand why traditional accounting systems are harmful to Lean
  • Learn the primary methods of Lean accounting
  • Develop implementation plan


Who should attend?

Finance Teams  (e.g. CFO’s, Financial Controllers, Accountants)  and Lean Specialists (e.g. CI leads, Lean specialists) who want to understand Lean accounting



Participants must have a basic understanding of both the principles and tools of Lean. Participants who have not completed Lean Sensei’s Greenbelt should contact our office for pre-read materials.


Learn how finance and accounting can become an enabler in your Lean transformation journey