Lean Mistake Proofing

Poka Yoke, which literally translates to “mistake proofing,” is a tool that companies can use to minimize errors, mistakes, and defects.  Poka Yoke actually falls under the larger category of “zero defects” or “total quality.”  The Poka Yoke workshop will cover both the general defect-prevention techniques and specific Poka Yoke tools.

The Poka Yoke workshop is a hands-on, “doing the work” type session during which participants will have an opportunity to apply what they learned.  The lecture portion of the workshop will be brief (2 to 3 hours), followed by explanation of some industry examples.  The remaining time focuses on developing real, usable Poka Yoke solutions at participant’s own companies.

Topics to be covered:

  • Definition of Poka Yoke
  • How Poke Yoke fits into the General Zero Defect Principle
  • Sources of Errors or Defects
  • Common mistakes or problems
  • Methods of preventing Defects
  • Examples and Case Studies