Lean Product Development

Whilst Lean has now become a household name for achieving operational excellence, it has not necessarily reached into other areas of the organization. In particular, Lean is critical for Product Development, because this is where the “life” begins for companies producing products for customers. Without an effective product development process, it would be impossible to achieve high customer satisfaction.

The Lean Product Development sessions covers the latest techniques for implementing Lean into the Product Development process. More specifically, the session will discuss some of the emerging trends coming out of Toyota in Japan, based on Lean Sensei’s numerous trips and contacts with the Toyota engineering group. Lean Sensei will discuss what some of the chief engineers at Toyota are saying regarding the best way to incorporate Lean into the product development process.

Topics to be covered:

  • How does Lean apply to New Product Development (NPD)?
  • Why is this important?
  • How does implementation of Lean impact the overall corporate effectiveness?
  • Traditional vs. Lean methods of NPD
  • What is Toyota doing with NPD, and how is that better than the standard system?
  • How team and cross-functional methodologies come into play with NPD
  • Specific tools or techniques that can be applied right now to improve NPD
  • Let’s practice it – simple simulations to demonstrate the importance of Lean NPD
  • Design for Assembly / Design for Manufacturability (DFA / DFM) – how do these topics work with Lean NPD?
  • Discussion and wrap up