Master Blackbelt Overview

A 30-day internship with Lean Sensei allowing the participant access to a number of courses, projects and special assignments.

Unlike other Lean Belt Certification Programs, where the key focus is on learning through classroom and kaizen blitz settings, our Master Blackbelt Program participants learn through an actual internship or apprenticeship with Lean Sensei coaches in a real world environment.

Master Blackbelts work side-by-side with Lean Sensei coaches, including David Chao, and they deliver real solutions to live projects conducted throughout the program. There are no “simulations” to play – just authentic issues with real projects.  Master Blackbelts work on implementing and delivering solutions in situations with tight restrictions, barriers and challenges.  Each internship is tailor-made and customized to each individual, based on their industry, experience and objectives.

Of the 30 days, a minimum of three days is spent outside of the Master Blackbelt’s home city, which exposes the candidate to unfamiliar territory and challenges.  In addition to attending some exciting projects around the world, Master Blackbelts also have the opportunity to join any one of our North American Executive programs at no cost.

Developed for

Future business leaders.

Master Blackbelts are considered the “Takumi” of the Lean leaders (Japanese word that refers to specialists with deep knowledge). As such, Master Blackbelt certification is created for individuals who possess exceptional knowledge, technical skills and experience in Lean. They demonstrate outstanding leadership, and a commitment to perform and advance the practice of Lean both within their organizations and the wider industry.

The Master Blackbelt Program also includes the Europe Lean Tour, which focuses on visiting top European companies that are going through a Lean transformation journey (Germany and Italy).


Lean Sensei Blackbelt and a minimum of three years of lean experience.  Note:  Interested candidates are required to go through a qualification process.

Content Covered

A 30-day internship with Lean Sensei International, taken over a 6-18 month period and covering:

  • Team building tools
  • Kaizen Teams Development
  • Train-the-trainer Programs
  • Reward & Recognition Programs
  • Balanced Scorecard Project
  • Visual Performance Metrics
  • Performance-based Compensation
  • Customer value-enhancing Programs
  • Industry cross-sharing and networking
  • Best Practices tours & benchmarking

In addition, Master Blackbelt interns must demonstrate their ability to teach Lean by delivering a series of public workshops and conducting live Kaizens and Greenbelt or Blackbelt sessions.

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