Whitebelt Overview

A three to four day introductory Lean certification program designed to provide basic knowledge of Lean.

The Whitebelt program offers the most fundamental level of understanding of Lean philosophy and methodology. It provides participants with a basic definition, history and structure of Lean. Participants will understand which stakeholders and process owners to involve in the implementation of Lean, within the organization. Whitebelt programs are most often conducted in-house initially by our coaches, but the responsibility is then transferred to a company’s own Greenbelt or Blackbelt graduates who will be provided with all relevant course materials to teach this program.

Developed for

The General Workforce

This program helps to educate and involve all employees in their organization’s Lean efforts. Implementing Lean without all staff engaged and involved is impossible; Likewise, employee involvement without knowledge and understanding of Lean fundamentals is bound for challenges.  Many Lean initiatives struggle because its employees  have not been properly involved in the Lean program. The Lean Whitebelt course helps communicate a positive message on Lean, and ensure positive staff involvement by emphasizing teamwork and cooperation.





Content Covered

Whitebelt Certification is achieved over a three to four day period and covers:

  • Lean Philosophy and Toyota Way Principles
  • Team Building & Lean Tools
  • 5S and 5S Kaizen Blitz

We do not currently have public Whitebelt programs scheduled. To run a private Whitebelt program at your company, please contact us.