Lean Diagnostic Assessment

The Lean Diagnostic Assessment provides a “snapshot” of a company’s current strengths and weaknesses.  It proposes a potential future state and the resulting gap paves the way for constructive changes.   Recognized by industry leaders as the cornerstone of Lean strategy, the assessment focuses on the entire organization.

Utilizing our proprietary methods, our Lean Diagnostic Assessments are unsurpassed in quality.  They provide invaluable guidance to clients.

Conducted over three to four days, these assessments start with an overview of your business.  A site evaluation and employee interviews  cover the qualitative and quantitative measures.

After the assessment we provide your organization with a L.E.A.N Score (Lean Enterprise Assessment Number).  Organizations that achieve a L.E.A.N Score of 3.0 or higher (max 5.0) are awarded Lean Certified status.

The final report to your company includes specific commentary for each of the individual segments assessed.  It includes benchmark and best practice examples from organizations around the world.  The report also provides a 12-month roadmap for the next stage of your Lean journey, including an outline of possible solutions to achieve some “quick wins”.