5S Kaizen Projects

Key Objectives

The mission of this project was to assist the company in implementing a structured, sustainable 5S program efficiently and quickly, with minimal disruptions to current work programs.

The ultimate focus of the project was to clean up, organize, and manage the office and/or production area through the newly implemented 5S program.


Project Stages

The 5S kaizen went through three main stages, focused on bringing results quickly and efficiently, while creating an environment for the long term implementation of Lean.

Phase 1: Understanding Lean

  • One-day Lean 101 training
  • 5S project overview

Phase 2: Planning and Structuring

  • Geographical management of tools, consumables, equipment, etc. (that is, which area do you store what)
  • Storage management based on value (low dollar, medium dollar, and high dollar items)
  • Specific tools and techniques (color and outline techniques, Poka Yoke or fool proofing, visual communication tools)
  • Discipline program (sign out, lock out, authority policy)
  • Standardization mechanism to ensure that consistency is achieved during implementation

Phase 3: Implementation

The initial pilot implementation focused on “quick hit” ideas and relatively easy-to-implement solutions in order to build up momentum.

  • Red tagging and eliminating waste from the plant floor
  • Moving and re-organizing various tools and obvious inventory problem items
  • Marking off items for designated “home location”
  • Applying color or other visual cues to add an element of “Poka Yoke” principles
  • Issuing an initial plant floor policy for controlling and usage of various items in the plant or office
  • Assigning specific tasks to the team to carry on with the implementation until the entire plant floor is organized and to ensure that changes can be maintained and sustained