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Leanbelt Program

The Leanbelt Program has been designed for those who wish to become active Lean champions within their organizations. Based on the Gemba principle of doing the work where it actually happens, Leanbelt Certification programs are experiential, hands-on programs. Through a combination of hands-on seminars, on-site project experience and take-home projects, participants learn the basics of Lean and cover some advanced topics. Approximately 25% of time is spent in a classroom setting, with the remaining time spent implementing and developing solutions through instructor-facilitated kaizen-style sessions. Our belief is that you learn by actually doing, vs. simply listening to a lecture.

The Lean Academy’s Leanbelt Program has four different levels, please click below to find out more about each level:

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Provide Basic Foundations of Lean Philosophy and Tools



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Develop Lean Practitioners and Trainers



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Create Lean Strategists and Lean Leaders



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Master Blackbelt
Achieve Master Level Knowledge, Experience and Education

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